Friday, December 3, 2010



 I use to spend a lot of time texting until my father limit my texting. after this it was kinda hard to accept the fact that I couldn't text a lot but I got use to the situation so it doesn't really bother me any more. Most of the time I do switch between doing homework and checking my facebook status. Facebook and other websites is very addictive but I put my school work first.

My grades are never affected my what I do on websites but it normally would do research paper and be on facebook on the same time which makes me sometimes make me want to choose the website over homework but since it's my responsibility to take my school work seriously. My father definitely limited my use of technology since now a days i can only use the computer for school work.

  I recognize myself in one of these teens because we having the same problems  when it comes to texting and using other technology. My decision is to limit my use of technology so it won't affect my school work and my future.

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