Tuesday, October 12, 2010


QUESTION- Why is it important to make sure you understand your task before you attempt to complete it?

ANSWER- It's important to understand so you can get your task done easily and well. This even help you to know what your doing so you don't get a zero for doing the wrong thing. So always ask your adviser or teacher for help if you don't understand.


QUESTION-How do you think delicious can help you find whats hot on the web?

ANSWER- Delicious can definitely help me find whats hot on the web because it stores and save things the easier way so it would be very helpful in finding whats hot on the web.


QUESTION- Do you thing you can believe everything on the internet?why?

ANSWER- No, because anyone can upload things on the internet. so information are not always right. the best thing to do to find true information is to look how long it has been updated and its author.

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