Tuesday, October 12, 2010


QUESTION- how do you use words (tags) to help you organize and remember things?

ANSWER-I use tags to make my work for school easier to find and organize. adding numerous tags also can help my friends and family find websites easier too. this also help me not to forget where i would find my homework and where


QUESTION- How do you feel when someone takes credit for something you said or did? is this an acceptable thing to do?

ANSWER- When someone takes credit for something i said or did i feel very angry towards the person. Normally this would be a friend so i wouldn't expect this from the person. I really don't think this is acceptable because it's really stealing.

social network

No, i don't think social networks such as facebook, twitter etc. would be appropriate for education wise. I state this because students would pay less attention to there work and more attention to whats going on there page. Then instead of getting A's or B's we would be getting F's and as a facebook user i know for a fact that it is very addicting.


Practicing the safety of the internet is not always the first thing that come to mine by a teenager. We would normally surf the web forgetting about the responsibility and actions we have to take. Some of the things we should do while surfing the internet are :1-be Anonymous as you can. 2- Avoid in-person meetings and 3 always protect your info.

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