Friday, October 29, 2010


QUESTION - Would You Trade Your Paper Books for Digital Versions?   Write three paragraphs supporting your opinion.  Tell us your thoughts on the growing offerings in digital books and textbooks.  Post it on your blog

ANSWER- Yes, i would definitely trade paper books for digital versions. I'm saying yes because you would get things done faster and less things to carry. Even though this can be tempting to use the internet for social networks you should be the one held responsible for the use of such actions. So this would either be carrying heavy book to school which make this harder to find or just using a E-reader to find information quickly and get research paper done faster.

                   Beside the world is getting more modernize everyday so there fore this would be no reason to keep a old book for several years when you can just get the same information at a faster speed. Using books and can even cost more as well because most students don't care about the school  property (books) which make it hard on the government because he is going to have buy more books for the future students that will need the books.
                   E-reader would be the perfect way to let students be willing to do work because students definitely don't like to read especially when there is no pictures. This is really another advantage over books. People normally say the older the book is the better the information is but it doesn't really matter it's really about what you learn and how you use your knowledge.

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