Friday, November 12, 2010


QUESTION - Read the Article: Psst! Need the Answer to No. 7? Click Here. Write a blog post stating your opinion. Do you think this is right? Is this cheating? What would you do? What happens when you get a job and don't know what to do? Would you go to a Doctor who did this? Please explain your answer. Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.


    I really don't think typing in your homework to get the answer is right but if you can go to a website to get some practice test to help you  out then i think it's helpful. Even though this can be  addicted  to or tempting at times to do your homework this would be your responsibility to not take advantage of such information.

    I wouldn't consider this cheated depending on how you use this website. If you use it to get your homework or research paper just by typing the questions in then that's cheating. If you are using this website to keep your studying on track it's worth it. I would not use this for cheating or to cramp test answers in my brain because what would I do later on in life when a big question is ask from my boss.

   I would not go to a doctor who do this because this would tell me they really don't know anything because all they do is use this website to do researches  to get rid of difficult questions. This tells me that my money would not be worth spending at this doctor because i can be getting wrong information.

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