Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Watson is a computer which is being use to test the computer skills in jeopardy. It is much harder for a computer to play jeopardy than chess because the computer would only need to know math but on the other the computer would have know how to imply words to play jeopardy. I think this is good because this is pushing scientist skills to make the technology more advance.
I think computers will both hurt and help people because 1 advance computer can cause many people to loose there jobs and the computer can also help us in many ways as well. Computers can solve massive problems in the world if there are program properly. One computer system that I think is very good is the satellite. This is a very good technology and I think they can make it more advance to do things like to save the world from violence.
I definitely think computers will take away jobs from many and once there is no jobs there would be a bigger problem to solve. So do we really want computers to be so advance it will put our jobs and families at risk? Because of how advance computers are now I think they would take over the world and soon or later having a college degree is not going to mean anything because employers are going have a computer to do exactly what they are told to do.

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